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BOINGGGGGGG!!! 3/20/20

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So that ft raph they update each day with growth of cases showing the US is super bad and all That graph can be hard to understand. I think this graph is better.



It's showing PRECISELY how fast confirmed COVID cases were increasing by region and days since hitting their 100th case. It's showing the actual time-varying slope of the log curves.

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They've been ratcheting up fear all weekend, making the worst-case scenarios seem like the most-likely scenarios. It's the same playbook they rant in 2009 to demand bailouts on casino capitalism'

"What concerns me most right now is how fast we can increase the number of ventilators and Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation devices (ECMO) in the next couple of months. A clinician is going to be l

Doc would morph into a Permabull 😂

Happy to post here:) 


Here comes Israel

#BREAKING: Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu says he wants mass blood tests for the public to find those who had the virus and have antibodies - so they can go out and re-start the economy

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interesting post on twitter

"I'm CEO of a small company that processes payments for other small biz. Our data shows 50% of small biz revenue is gone already.


Meanwhile Walmart stock is at record high & Amazon is hiring 100k people.


No joke: We're on a path toward small business extinction - swallowholehole"

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The hotel industry wants $150 billion. The restaurant industry wants $145 billion. The National Association of Manufacturers wants $1.4 trillion. The International Council of Shopping Centers wants a guarantee of up to $1 trillion.  

Since February, U.S. hotels lost $2.4 billion in room revenue.


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