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Gap City Rollers - 3/18/20

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They can guarantee nominal value but they sure as hell can't guarantee purchasing power.  The inflation is dead thing will be like the death of stocks in 1982. 

I think SIP didn‘t realize that those links which we see in his post were not copied into the Stool Board. It is 6:50 a.m. in Europe right now. Guess once he woke up and logs into the Stool he will fi

I swear it feels like we're headed for hyperinflation. 

Treasury coronavirus proposal: $500 billion in direct payments to Americans by early April - The U.S. Treasury is calling for two $250 billion cash infusions to American families, starting starting April 6. The amounts would depend on income and family size.
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8 minutes ago, sandy beach said:

Oil with a $22 handle. Time for a road trip! 

Holy fricking cow.

I'm talking to my wife about leaving the Bay Area for 18 months, because I'm not convinced that schools will reopen next year, and we will all be left homeschooling them anyway, and our work will slow, and the charms of the urban landscape change with +10% unemployment and a killer virus, and we can afford to float cheaply for an extended period because WE SAVED MONEY AS WE EARNED IT FOR THE UNFORESEEN.

Thinking 3 hours in any direction from Sacramento - for hospitals and possibly airports for our work, if there is any and flights still work.

A 19th century rural exercise - 2 acres, crops, chickens, bees, a goat. Somewhere off the beaten path, below the snow line, with decent soil.

I'm being dead serious.

Sandy, got any thoughts on that question? Towns to suggest?

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10 minutes ago, No Einstein said:

except when you get to your destination...you cannot leave....Hotel California

All highways open as far as I know.  A not unimportant point. And they are giving gas away.  

Boeing 89. Now we're talking.

Big dollar shortage?  Could be that's where to look for bodies.

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54 minutes ago, sandy beach said:

They keep dealing out the B.S. and the investing public isn't buying it. Months of quarantine, kids out of school, jobs closing down - you don't need to tell them what the hell is going down. 

By "investing public" you mean retail investors? They're non factors. Only the Primary Dealers matter. They're the house, and they're shut down. Out of business. Kaput. Ditto for many, if not most of their whale customers - huge hedge funds.  

Dead bodies everywhere. 


Gap City Rollers Target SPX 2125

by Lee Adler •  • 0 Comments

S&P Futures Chart

New York prices are gapping and reversing daily. It’s madness if you don’t stay up all night trading the fucutures. The dead bodies are floating to the surface.

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