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Kate Smith Sings From Quarantine 3/11/20

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Aussie - this is your site - if you don't want to learn about this from a guy who happens to have a couple of degrees in the subject from Berkeley and happened to graduate the top in his class because you found a meme on aljazeera I'm cool with that. Just because I happen to know these guys... forgetaboutit... I thought you might actually want to know the science behind this and why going into next year this will probably be a f-storm. But this is a trading site so I will respect this as a warning because I know you as a brother for many years. You have given dearly to this site so I will shut my mouth and not say another word about this ever. Back to trading for me. 

P.S. Jimi - major good move - but be prepared for next winter. This will move to the Southern hemisphere over the next several months in the colder regions (survives best at 4C) before coming back full circle. And if we don't have a cure by then... But we will perhaps have this summer to prepare. 


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Absolutely, positively, definitely, the bottom. RIght here. 

The market is already way ahead of them.  The Fed has no choice. It must cut to stay in line with the market. This is what happens when the Fed corners a market, in this case, the T-bill market. 

"Ding dong!" "Margin call!" Gold enjoys a bid. It gets sold. Whatever enjoys a bid, shall get sold.  

Since you did address me specifically about the WHO - I will add that WHO stated several times it is time to take draconian actions on containment as has the Lancet, JAMA and the New England Journal of Medicine. I read about 30 papers a day on the topic and know this down to the molecular level. I also know long tails. This is a long tail. Look this is a trading site and I don't expect everyone here to keep up with egghead topics and if this does not belong here I do understand and respect that. I've seen disharmony break up the band and I don't want a repeat. So other than this last response I'm back to trading. Will enjoy gaming this bear market with you as I always have. Let's focus on what we have in common and not let this divide us. I really enjoy all of you so much. This is our time so let's get back to it and drop this topic. 

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4 hours ago, Jimi said:

Holy crap.

Did Trump just say that both people & goods are going to be subject to 14 day quarantine from Europe... but not the UK?!

He's using the offing virus for...  trade policy?

Yes thats what he said. Crazy. The brits will bring corona with every flight, thats fer sure.

Trump will not survive this politically, The best outcome for him will be that he survives it physically. But I am pretty sure that there will be huge civil unrest in the US and maybe one day masses gonna storm the WH and kill him and his whole entourage. He is a crook and liar from his date of birth on. He spreads hate, accuses always others for wrongdoing, like a little kid. Now he accuses the EU for the spreading of Corona in the US. China also says that now the threat comes from abroad. But China is a facist/communist dictatorship. 

He is really a shame for the great US. The US who gave us freedom. The US who stood up against the Nazi‘s. The US who liberated the concentration camps. The US is the reason why I don‘t have to live in a totalitarian facist dictatorship. For that I will always be thankfull. 

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Read my lips:

They will sacrifice the stock market to save the basic functions of the economy and the way we live. All the cash and assets will be needed to keep the system as such running. There will be nothing available for stocks.

A mortality rate of 3% in developed societies is an astronomic figure, this goes far beyond figures of the ordinary influenza.

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