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Boing- Surprise, Surprise (Not) 2/4/20

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Man I was confused yesterday. I finally got the correct executve summary plugged in to the Technical Trader report. I still don't know how I managed to screw that up. Copy and paste error I guess. 

To paraprase the great Johnnie Cochrane, "If you want to be neat, you must delete."  

Thanks to Pull My Finger and others for keeping after me. Thanks to their sharp eyes, I also discovered that my email alert system had gone haywire. So we got that fixed as well. 

It's always something. 

Meanwhile, from now on when writing the weekly update, the first thing I will do is delete the intro exec summary. 

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4 hours ago, DrStool said:

I'm surmising a 3 day cycle projection of 3285-87 based on current ES fucutures trading. 


THe new normal. 

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5 day cycle projection 3310

A little brown pants syndrome in the short community. 

And now, I'm going shopping. 

See you later! 

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Just now, MisFit Kid said:


Or the State of the Union Speech........

The Trump Regime is consolidating power now. The purges will begin next week. Watch for relentless attacks against the Regime's enemies. If the DoJ goes along and mounts prosecutions, it's over. The absolute end of US Constitutional democracy and the rule of law. The Regime will be the law.  

It's dreadful. It's horrifying, but it is what it is. If Barr decides to be Trump's Himmler, it's over.  

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