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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Rabid razing

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All Ords 5-day chart




All Ords came off the lows to finish -0.2%.  Sectors ranged from Gold +3.2% down to IT -1.2%.

Over in Asia, China -1.2%, Hong Kong -0.8%, Japan -1.6%, India currently -0.3%.

UK/Europe opening down: FTSE -0.5%, DAX -0.6%, CAC -0.5%.


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Just letting everyone know that I will no longer be opening the forum every day but of course I will still be a visitor.  I've been doing it since 2002 and I have other committments, the chief one being the prospect of some bear trading heading our way.

I have discussed my 'resignation'  with Doc and it appears at this stage CapitalStool will remain open with casual posts welcome.  I'm sure if someone wishes to step up to the plate and take over my role and give it a fresh new look, he or she would be welcome.

Friday will be my last day and I take this opportunity to say how much I've enjoyed being here all these years and reading your posts.  I've learned a lot from you about all sorts of things, not just stock markets and trading but also "life, the universe and everything" .. 😏

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Absolute awe and appreciation to Aussiebear for keeping this show on the road!  

The board will stay open for your posts whenever the mood strikes, although no daily thread.

At least until the next bear market. 


As they say in Yiddish, "We should live so long."


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The resiliency of this market is frustrating for sure, but in no way shape or form should we be surprised. We all learned a long time ago that money talks. Nothing else matters. 

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Guys like Hussman, who's never in my recollection been right about the market, as well as my friends David Stockman and Charles Hugh Smith, just keep going down in flames year in and year out. They do do [meant to say "do so" but this works better] because they fight the tape and the Fed, violating both Rule Number One AND Rule Number Two.

Yes, we all know that the manipulation, favoritism, cronyism, and welfare for the rich is wrong. And we hate it. But mygawd, it works for the market. And it will keep working until something breaks.

Hasn't happened yet.  

I mean, I want to be bearish more than anyone, and maybe that time is at hand. Maybe Aussiebear's "retirement" is a sign. But dang it, until there's a sign from the market itself, I'm going to respect the message of the market. 

I just hope that message changes real soon. We need a great cleansing, ethically, morally, socially, politically, economically, and heaven knows, financially. Otherwise we are heading toward a very bad place at breakneck speed.  


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