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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Baffling bids

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All Ords 5-day chart




A handsome gain of 0.8% for All Ords and all sectors green as well: IT +1.6%, Healthcare +1.4%, REITS +1.3% and Consumer Discretionary +1.2%.

Over in Asia, China -0.6%, Hong Kong flat, Japan +0.7%, India currently +0.7%.

A touch of green in UK/Europe: FTSE and DAX +0.3%, CAC +0.5%.






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Apple is like and oil well.

The share price appreciation has been almost all multiple expansion since 2013.

The business operational metrics have not improved much.

The price has moved up powered by the wells natural pressure - natural lift.

Natural lift is provided by the operational metrics of the business.

Its been a real gusher.

But as we get above a price to free cash flow ratio of 15 for the stock.

The wellhead pressure for the price appreciation is dropping.

The management of APPLE wants to keep the share price appreciation game going.

By adding a lot of artificial lift (share buy backs) to replace the loss of natural lift.

Coyote lift. 

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3 day is 3113. 5 day 3115-16. 

Multiple trendlines representing resistance at 3110, and then 3115-16. 

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7 minutes ago, MisFit Kid said:

Another Friday.....

another "organic" All Time High

Buy organic! 

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>: worrying about money, debt, fraud, etc.....is for the "Little People"

Resistance is futile.....they have assumed control......


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