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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Windblown wishes

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Free thinking.

And free.

I don't charge a nickel for it.

So I shouldn't use my free platforms to try to entice you to buy something worthwhile, i.e. Liquidity Trader?

Do I require anything of the reader?

No. I just offer them the oppurtunity to purchase something of value. No hard sell. No requirement to do anything. Just an offer.

Even that's free for the first month, or 90 days if you don't like  it and  want your money back. http://liquiditytrader.com/index.php/get-lee-adlers-liquidity-trader-delivered-instantly/  

No, I do plenty for free.  LIke those posts. Like collecting and publishing interesting content from a few other honest, smart people. Like this board. 

And you want me to do even more?  You want me to disconnect what I do for free from having the ability help me make a few bucks?

Tell you what. Go back to your working life and donate half of your time for free and tell me how that feels.  

Let me know. 

And yeah, I know. This is the business model.  Completely disconnecting the free stuff from the paid, isn't.  


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