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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Hamstrung harmonies

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In reading the news accounts of the whistleblower complaint, I have come to the conclusion that the US is at the tipping point. In the next month or two we should start to get a clear idea of whether the Constitutional democracy can recover, or the dictatorship prevails. 

The 2018 election may have been the last somewhat free election that the US will have had.

If the Trumpists prevail, the US will succumb to this Fascist dictatorship. The Gangster in Chief would have gained complete control, with the Underboss in Chief, McConnell, and the Rump Supreme Court. Enemies of the Regime will be dealt with.

I have little faith that there are enough real patriots in the R (Ruling) Party  to turn away from the outcome that I have feared from the beginning. 

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I agree with your sentiments Lee but not with words like dictatorship or timelines or buzzwords like gangster.  Not that you should care. 


On the TOMO totals I mentioned I had missed the total given in your little Free Thinking post. Since it is so new and subject to daily changes the regular Treasury reports may have quite a lag.  Then again the zero to $160bn in a few trading days may not be so far off the top and here it will sit. Then again it could go to 200, or 300 or... 

How can we keep score at home, daily? Is there a line  on the H41 to see it?

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