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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Halcyon hankerings

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1 hour ago, DrStool said:

The chart pattern's not bad though.¬†ūü§ď¬†ūüėĀ

The long term weather pattern, let's call sea level part of the weather, is for a lot of Florida to be under the sea.  Take your pick in 100 years or 200, it amounts to potentially the worst real estate investment since Atlantis.

I see no predictions of a bending south to hit Miami. That's the ultimate nightmare scenario. 

I still recommend Nebraska. Admittedly in 200 years some of that could be a desert. Those are sand dunes under the grass.

sDSC05444 s.JPG

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So Altria wants to merge with PMI.

Thats not a good idea.

No....not at all.

What will happen then:

The combined company will get into vaping and dope in a big way????

I can just see it now 5 years down the track:

1/ Massive vaping emphemsemia law suits on the vaping side. 

2/ Massive "Schizoprenia" law suits on the dope side.

It wont be pretty.

The two companies have a $200 Billion combined market cap because they demerged

Kraft Heinz had a market cap of $120 Billion (which was part of Altria).

Mondelez has a market cap of $80 Billion (which was part of Altria)

Altria created massive shareholder wealth over $300 Billion in market cap by demerging its assets!!!!! 

And made itself a lot less tempting and a harder target for the trial lawyers. 

Altria has already thrown away $15 Billion on Juul and Chronos.

And suffered a hit to its market cap of twice that by showing such bad capital allocation skills!!!!!

I.e.  Altria has lost 26% in market cap over the last year PMI has only fallen 7%.

PMI has a superior valuation due to its seperation from Altria.

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