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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Bloodletting bingo

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Nacho lly the rally starts as soon as I posted that. 

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Here are some more numbers for you from the wonderful Kraft Heinz balance sheet.

It has only $7 billion in  tangible income producing property plant and equipment.

This has to support $33 billion in debt and the interest payments thereon.

This ALSO has to support the $40 billion in market cap and the dividends there on!!!!!!!

i.e. a business value of over $70 Billion!!!!!!!! 

(talk about the value of advertising!!!!!! - the stock is 90% advertising)

To think this company once had a market cap of $120 Billion??????

If you spend a dollar to buy the stock you are only buying 10 cents worth of real tangible income producing assets AND

You come after the debt holders and their interest claims.

It's so easy for disrupters to come in spend a dollar to get a dollar in tangible assets and split the rest with the customers through lower prices!!!


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