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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Ladled largesse

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They left us in suspense. closing the SPX less than a point below a breakout.  The Dow exceeded its earlier intraday high by a few points before pulling back in the last 20 minutes. 

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1 hour ago, DrStool said:

Croatia has a terrible history, although as in France there were also partisans who hated the Nazis and fought against that government.

There were plenty of hardcore Nazis in France too. I have visited the Jewish Cemetary in Nice and said Kaddish 4 times. I am someone who is essentially anti-religious and NEVER prays. But the Nazis murdered a wing of my extended family, aunts, uncles and first cousins of my grandfather, who did not come to America with the rest of the family at the turn of the century.    

The cemetary has a small mausoleum containing the remains of Nazi victims. There were concrete urns affixed to the outer wall containing the ashes, and the soap made from the bones, of Jewish victims of the Nazis and their French collaborators. Above the two urns on either side are stone tablets which call this fact to the attention of the visitor.   

From what I've read Croatia today is pretty friendly toward the Jews. But Eastern Europe is Eastern Europe. Anti-Semitism runs deep there, mostly fomented under Czarist rule and then the Communists.  My mother's parents came from Poland. It was the center of the worldwide Jewish diaspora for hundreds of years until the pogroms came in 1880s.   

Very interesting but also very sad. ?

Problem with Eastern and south eastern Europe is that almost none of those countries have reflected with an self critical approach their own history of the last 100 years. Croatia is a good example for that.

The term „alter galteker“ means the guy is from Galicia in todays Poland and I think parts of Latvia too.

That so many hate jews so much is one evil cancer of mankind. Till today.

Frankfurt had a very big jewish community till the 1930s. Many great, intelligent and well educated people. A good part of the prosperity of Frankfurt in the 1800s was due to Jews. There is also jewish cultural life in Frankfurt today. There is a football club Makkabi Frankfurt which plays at Amateur level. Sometimes there are problems when the play others. Mainly, almost exclusively, when the play against islamic/turkish clubs.

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