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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Ladled largesse

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Aussies, +2.2% and Kiwis +0.8% are having a bullish day but Japan is flat and Sth Korea closed.

In Aussie stocks, Financials +5.1% having a huge day thanks to the end of the Royal Commission into banking and Gold is the only down sector, -0.3%.


All Ords



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All Ords 5-day chart




Possibly just a dead cat bounce but it was certainly a strong move by All Ords today with the index closing +1.8%.  Financials +4.5% continued to lead and Gold remained at the bottom, -0.8%.

Most of Asia closed but Japan came in -0.2%, India currently  +0.2%.

UK/Europe bursting out of the starting box: FTSE +0.9%, DAX +0.6%, CAC +0.4%.










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Still valued at 90B

The crypto  crash went on all through out 2018

Terrible external frame all year for the company. 

Yet it only broke in October 2018.

Was $280 now $140.

Before the crypto boom it was selling for about $30

Still a long way to fall.

Not a Coyote Cliff but definitely a Crypto Cliff!!!!!

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I know it is silly to frame market action in this way but I will not be surprised if the market soars today.  The exact opposite of last years date of the State of the Union address which was the day the market broke down.  

On the other hand....

It was reported  yesterday that Powell had a dinner meeting with Trump. Not sure the date.  I don't have any problem with that.  As a formal thing it has to be done. What I don't get is how everyone just ignores the gross insults he heaps upon them. 

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according to bernie s. 53% of profits are spent on stock buybacks, another 30% goes to dividends.

It's a true ponzi scheme.

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2 minutes ago, BurntOnce said:

"waffling" powell calls 20% price swings stability.

Gimme a link. I gotta see that. I suggested this weekend that they really hadn't changed anything. 


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