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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Incessant idealism

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7 minutes ago, DrStool said:

And so the repayments begin. That's an 18 day CMB.  

$89 billion in new supply between now and 2/15.  

I saw that CMB thing.  Seems odd. Hedging their bets? If there is another shutdown then give it up again.

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36 minutes ago, Jorma said:

That wasn't there yesterday.  

Did you say trouble? At least to those so inclined a bit of a groove might sooth.


And then the bulls will answer with that:


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1 hour ago, DrStool said:

I'd be willing to cut Powell a tiny bit of slack since it's just words. so far.  Words is just words after all, I'm sure some tough guys, maybe from Philly, have said.

Other words were, "The Committee continues to view changes in the target range for the federal funds rate as its primary means of adjusting the stance of monetary policy,”  That's just words too. Well numbers printed on some page. I read that as "the primary tool of the Fed is words."

As we have seen again and again words work pretty darn good but still it's a 'show me the money Jerry' world. 

Old Jay probably didn't need an offer he couldn't refuse to change his tune. 99% of people want more money. Most don't know how it comes to be but they know they want more. With numbers like that who would not go along. It's what the world wants. You know and everyone knows that monetary expansion by any means necessary by every important government in the world is an absolute imperative for those in power to stay in power. Period.  So we can burn the world down with CO2 ,or the new dream, build the new machines which will save us. That takes money. Lots and lots of money. 

Of course the economy could do just fine with a rational credit market. If our high priests of money would just let it, but they won't. They want it all. The implicit threat in 08 was, it's a nice country you have there, it would be a shame if something happened to it. Remember 70% of people were against the 'bailout' but they didn't know what it was they were for. A total political and intellectual vacuum lies on the other side of printing.

You know Chamberlain went from the airport to the Palace first, not to Parliament. A telling symbolic thing.  I can hardly blame the populace for not wanting war after the insane useless slaughter of the First War. 

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