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All Ords 5-day chart




All Ords drifted down to finish -0.3% for the day.  Sectors ranged from REITS +0.9% down to Gold -1.5%.

Over in Asia, China +0.7%, Hong Kong +0.6%, Japan +1%, India currently -0.4%.

UK/Europe opening on a positive note: FTSE +0.8%, DAX +0.1% and CAC +0.2%.










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I thought they were going to milk a low inflation number for some rally points.  We will have to wait for the shutdown to end, over the weekend probably, and the always reliable, great China trade deal  any moment.

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Core still running above 2 and that's 1 percentage point lower than what it would be if housing flatio was included. 

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1 hour ago, DrStool said:

I had mentioned about a week ago that the Feds cash balance should start to balloon unless they hold off borrowing.  Do not be surprised if the Treasury does not play catch up with a flood of borrowing after the shutdown ends and the checks start flowing again. I think it's about time that the Treasury will start giving the TBAC and its $500bn rainy day fund a FU.

There in nobody who is anybody in the world who wants 'tight' monetary policy.  The politics of shrinking the balance sheet are impossible.  Nobody wants it, well they wouldn't if they understood it.  It has only gotten this far because of ignorance. Everyone thinks the Fed 'sets rates' with words. You can't blame the general public for believing it since the Fed fosters this idea too.  If  we exceed the Christmas lows I predict Powell will be getting an offer he can't refuse. 

The BOJ may be about to start the flood again.  Most did  not see it but there was a flash melt up in the yen  on the 3rd after a general melt up since mid December.  



Then if these short Euro rates get near zero let's figure the ECB will pick up the ball again.



China intends to issue $630bn in local government bonds for infrastructure this year. Say what you will about China's vast credit expansion or if it can go on but it will go on, until it doesn't.  Meanwhile is the US going to allow general deflation to take hold?  I mean we don't build squat but at least we can inflate assets. It's all we have left. That's getting back to the offer Powell can't refuse. 


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4 hours ago, DrStool said:

Just upgraded to php 7.1.


Just make sure there is enough H

and not too much (all) P...........😮



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