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9 minutes ago, Jorma said:

This sort of thing always confuses me because for every seller there was a buyer. Net there is no new money.  If dealers were doing a lot of the buying then functionally I suppose it's new money on the buy side. 

Sure there's a buyer for every seller. That applies to all businesses.  Supply and demand.  It does not mean that there are ever the same number of suppliers vs. buyers. It does not mean that sellers don't raise their prices when demand picks up. What about a monopoly. There's one seller and many buyers. But that one seller fulfills all the buyers. 

And there's a lot more money in  the hands of buyers today than in September. Why? Because they sold. You're right, there's no new money. It's just in different hands. And by Christmas it was in the hands of a lot of people who just don't like to hold money. They'd rather hold stock.  

Money fuels demand. When people have more money against a relatively static, or temporarily reduced supply of goods they pay more and sellers charge more. Prices go up. The post will go into more detail. 

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Everybody  knows we are going to close the week above  2600 and 24,000.


If I were ruling the market I would have the averages weak into the close tomorrow and then have a giant gap up Monday morning.

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We are entering a big congestion area, should contain upmove for a while. Bears will be in real trouble if 2640 doesn‘t contain the upmove. 

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6 minutes ago, Jorma said:

How can rates stay negative without ECB buying?

Great question. Although there's very little supply. ECB removed most of it and will continue to replace maturing paper.  Very little high quality government paper available. So they  bid it to negative. ECB still charges banks for holding their reserves.  It's crazy.  

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