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All Ords 5-day chart




It turned into quite a volatile day with All Ords finishing +1.2%.  In Aussie sectors, Gold +3.9% moved into the top spot followed by Energy +3% and Telecomms +2.3%.

Over in Asia, China flat, Hong Kong -0.3%, India currently -0.9%.

UK/Europe just opened in the red: FTSE -0.2%, DAX -0.7% and CAC -0.9%.










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37 minutes ago, DrStool said:

As traders and investors begin to arrive at their offices in the US East, once again, they're buying the dip.  

Or is it the PPT? 

I'm waiting to hear the call for ending stock index futures trading overnight.  It was great when every point of the 02 to 08 rally essentially happened overnight and a significant portion of the 09 to 17 rally did too but these off hours kneecappings are hurting 'confidence'. 

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43 minutes ago, DrStool said:

PPT traders arrived at their desks and promptly went to work at 8 AM sharp.  

They must be some of the Treasury employees deemed essential so are still reporting to work, unpaid for now.

Actually coordination between the trading desks of the giants is what we are seeing I think. Always on a very short term and reactionary basis. 

As opposed to what i jokingly described previously.  That was galley slaves  chained up like in Ben-Hur,


in the basement of the Treasury Building furiously hitting Buy Buttons under the whip of leather clad blond bitch goddess wife of Secretary Mnuchin. Who can't possibly make it to the Treasury at 8AM.



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