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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Mendacious miasma

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The  whole active versus passive debate is a FALSE NARATIVE.

Most so called passive funds are actually momentum funds that are more active than the so called Active funds which are actually quite passive in that they hang onto overvalued stocks while they are correcting down to their real values.

i.e. the only way for so called active funds to outperform the passive funds over the long term is a anticipate price moves before they occur (both positive and negative).  

As most active funds underperform passive funds they therefore appear to lag price movements rather than anticipate them.

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We all now about penny stock pump and dump. But that's just really pump and dump for kids.

What we have had since 2008 is pump and dump for adults - large cap pump and dump

Stock buybacks financed by billions in debt.

GE was wildly pumped to the tune of $40 Billion in buybacks and has gone over the coyote cliff,

and other corporations are following.

All financed by the FED and its QE policies.

All financed by BBB investment grade debt.

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