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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Vertiginous vaulting

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All Ords 5-day chart




A veneer of wild delight today but volume wasn't that great .. All Ords gained +1.2% led by Healthcare +2.5% and REITS +2.1% with Miners at the other end, -0.8%.

Over in Asia, China +0.6%, Hong Kong closed, Japan +1.3%, India currently -0.5%.

Modest changes in UK/Europe: FTSE +0.2%, DAX -0.3% and CAC +0.3%.










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17 hours ago, sandy beach said:

Going into the close bought:

LRCX @ $145.460

CYBE @ $17.92

WGO @ $31.81

ASML @ $181.30


LRCX, WGO and ASML all bouncing nicely after earnings. LRCX and ASML executing flawlessly. SEMI's are going to do better than the market expects. Will have to wait for earnings from CYBE later. WGO? Seems like every baby boomer in California is buying one. You have to reserve a spot a year in advance at some of the more popular spots these days.

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