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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Brittle bravado

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All Ords 5-day chart




Another week grinds to a close .. All Ords had a respectable gain of +0.5% today thanks to IT +2.2%, Miners +1.7% and Materials +1.5%.

Some major gains in Asia: China +2.5%, Hong Kong +1.7%, Japan +0.8%, India -0.8%.

UK/Europe joining Asia: FTSE +1%, DAX and CAC +0.6%.











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Doc my concern with Gold/Silver although looking very good for a trade is the unseen massive deflationary black hole.

Me thinks we are at the event horizon with every CB trying to inflate/escape the "natural" forces.

"Natural" is in fact "un-Natural" as the very black hole has been CB-made.

As the CB use unconventional methods to escape they unwittingly are adding more strength to the very black hole they created.

The US CB sort of kind of sees the black hole as they accelerate QT?

Big circle jerk.....Reserve currency will ironically strengthen all others will weaken with Gold/Silver swimming upstream....Hopefully tread water and ultimately decoupling and breaking away but not until......crushing event to commence in 3...2...1......

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