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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Restive rumination

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All Ords drifted down in an orderly fashion to finish -0.3%.  Sector gains were minimal and on the downside, Energy -1.8% and Utilties -1%.

Over in Asia, China flat, Hong Kong -0.9%, Japan -1.3%, India currently -0.4%.

Down and out in UK/Europe: FTSE -0.7%, DAX -1.6% and CAC -1.1%.














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My headline writers get a little too aggressive for my taste. Well actually a lot too aggressive, but they make the headlines! 


I suggested calls, MAYBE, with the income from cash, which would be only a hedge, if the market stayed above 2850.  Here's how it came out. 


Here’s a First: I’m Recommending Calls


:lol:  :lol:  :lol:






But if the headline gets people to read the post, I'm all for it!   

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Brazil and Turkey ETFs getting slaughtered (BRUZ & TUR) Clouds DBX & FSCT getting rained on.


Gold and Silver just stilling around like they've become some ancient relic.

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The late day swoon yesterday and then overnight was coincident with a little brush fire in the Forex market as the Turkish Lira swooned on the news that Trump is slapping tariffs on Turkish metals. I can't imagine Turkey's external debt amounts to much it just adds to the rising tide of emerging markets debt under stress. When a currency is under stress then its debt is too.


Noland has been beating his drum on the stresses building, and faltering liquidity, in the periphery.  

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