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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Raucous rampaging

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All Ords closed flat with the day looking a bit roller coasterish.  Sectors ranged from Healthcare +1.4% down to Gold/Consumer Staples -0.7%.

Over in Asia, China -0.2%, Hong Kong +0.2%, Japan +1.9%, India currently flat.



UK/Europe up and at it: FTSE +0.6%, DAX +0.3%, CAC +0.4%.














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another morning V for the US fraudexes


low in the morning, push it all higher



Jose Cuervo Original (1795)

AMZN                         1800


heck the Russell 2000 is only 1690


> Dow 25K

   SPX 2800




No static at all

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I have recalculated the intraday cycle GPS and they now appear to be in concurrent down phases until around 11:30 AM tomorrow. Once again, critical for bears to take advantage of this. 

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I had to recheck the calendar to make sure it wasn't Thursday. Nope.  


It's hard to glean any information from prices at this particular point. Time I'll defer to Lee.

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The market must turn down now, not just for the bears, but if there is to be any hope of preserving US constitutional government. 


This is the most critical historical moment in my lifetime since Edward R. Murrow took down Joe McCarthy. Watergate was not even as big a threat then because the Ds controlled Congress and Nixon's fate was inevitable.


Today, the R (Ruling) Party controls Congress. There's at least an even chance that the Russian agents who are in charge of the Trump Regime in the Administration and Congress, especially Putin and Trump, will succeed. Freedom of speech and the press will end. 


People like me and others who have spoken out against this monster will need to leave the US before it is too late.  I have moved beyond the research and am in the planning stage. The thought that I might be forced to do so in a less than planned, orderly way, has occurred to me.    

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