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A bullish day for All Ords with a close of +0.8%.  That gives us the highest close since the end of 2007, amazing!   Needless to say, all sectors finished up led by Telecomms and Gold, both +1.4%, Miners and Energy +1.3%.

Over in Asia, China and Hong Kong +0.5%, Japan +1.1%, India currently +0.5%.

UK/Europe only have marginal gains so far: FTSE and DAX +0.1%, CAC +0.3%.














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U.S. job growth strong; unemployment rate rises to 4 percent

Nonfarm payrolls increased by rose by 213,000 jobs last month, the Labor Department said on Friday. Data for April and May was revised to show 37,000 more jobs created than previously reported.



Was speaking with the millennials working at the gym. They've had a surge in generation Y entering the workforce. They say they are so lazy they can't believe it. They actually have to call them in the morning to wake them up so they can get to work. Well at least they are finally getting out of their parents basements :)  It'll be good for them.

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There's no news in this jobs report.  It's just the same trend and it will continue until it doesn't, which could be a long time. $100B in defecate spending buys a lot of garbage.  The problem is that the benefits continue to accrue only  at the top as the base of the pyramid gets hollowed out.  


But as you know, economic data is irrelevant. What matters is the relentless, inexorable trend of falling liquidity. The market will ultimately be crushed. The time is coming.  Stay up to date with the latest developments Subscription Plans

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there are reports on anticipated collateral losses due to rising

sea levels, including the shores of screw jersey. higher yields on

sovereign bongs in regions that are currently baking.

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