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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Paltry progression

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Nothing much happening for the early openers: Kiwis and Aussies -0.2%, Japan +0.4%, Sth Korea closed.

In Aussie sectors, Utilities is the sole up sector, +8.4% and at the other end, Energy -1.5%, Miners -1.1% and Materials -1%.



All Ords



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All Ords back to base on the 5-day chart with a close of -0.5%.  Sectors ranged from Utilities +8.2% down to Materials/Miners -1.2%.

Over in Asia, China -1%, Hong Kong -1.2%, Japan +0.4%, India currently -0.1%.

Marginally green in UK/Europe: FTSE +0.2%, DAX +0.1% and CAC +0.2%.














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FOMC lifts fed funds rate to 1.75%-2%, signals 4 hikes in 2018

FOMC drops wording about rates being 'below levels" in long run

Fed raises rate on excess reserves by 0.20% to 1.95%

FOMC forecasts median fed funds rate of 2.4% by year end

Fed 'dot-plot' shifts to show four rate hikes in 2018 instead of three (8:7)

Treasury yields rise after Fed raises key interest rate by a quarter percentage point 10-year yield at 2.961%; 2-year yield at 2.557%; 30-year yield at 3.091%

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I've been tasked with developing an options trading system. I've never liked options, but it's a numbers game. You only need to get one out of 3 right to be consistently profitable.  Closed a 5 bagger put trade today,  but 3 others will expire worthless on Friday.  Still, plus on balance.   And I have one that just turned green today with 5 weeks to go.  Still must refine the system but it has potential. 

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