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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Vacillating virtues

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Early openers selling off after a positive start: Kiwis -0.6%, Aussies -0.3%, Japan +0.1% and Sth Korea +0.9%.

Aussie sectors have Healthcare +3.2% out in front followed by IT +1.4% down to Consumer Discretionary -1%.



All Ords



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All Ords tried to rise a couple of times but ended -0.3%.  Only two sectors finished with gains, Healthcare +2.9% and IT +1.2%.  Telecomms lost the most, -1.4%.

Over in Asia, China +0.5%, Hong Kong +2.3%, Japan -0.4%, India currently +0.1%.



On to UK/Europe:









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My fellow stoolies! I am so busy with maintaining WSE and my work for Sure Money, which is going really well, I need to cut back on my intraday commentary on the cycles. Not sure anyone used them anyway.   :lol:


I'll definitely still be around, just not as much.  To all you stoolwarts who have stuck around all these years, thank you from the bottom of my heart! 


Please feel free to comment on my posts at https://suremoneyinvestor.com/ They don't let me respond directly, but about once every 4-6 weeks we do a post in response to reader comments. Some of the stuff is pretty hilarious. OK, mildly amusing. Alright, maybe not so much.   :D



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What a joke same formula algo in play that has been in force for 9+ years......Invisible hand has your back no worries....The whining and b*tching on a 5% drop from a parabolic blow off is sick....Calls for market manipulation of the VIX that forced the 5% drop are you freaking kidding....


Holding AMZN @1410.00  short that is....Bought SQQQ@18.90.....

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