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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Querulous quibbling

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All Ords continued on a downwards trajectory, finishing -0.6%.  All sectors were down led by Gold -2%, REITS -1.7% and Materials/Telecomms -1%.

Over in Asia, China and Hong Kong +0.2%, Japan -0.3%, India currently -0.1%.



On to UK/Europe:









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Got stopped out on Monday for -10 on my ES short initated at 2735...

Looks like i was ONE day early.  We should move down to test 2690 before heading to 2800.


Waiting for the short setup play. 

Short at 2750 with stop above 2760.


Trade safe. 


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Too much focus on when to short equities.


Not going to breakdown until 10yr yld punches thru 3


Easy $ is to be short bonds


Doubt there are many that's shorting equities.  Sentiments are at record highs on the bullish side.  Everyone is long.

And with Bonds,  let's see if it breaks thru..


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Long term Dow chart:

This is what is was trying to post.


Very interesting how market tops came 33 years after the lows in 1896, 1932, and 1974 and prices were up 17x and 24x. 33 years from 2009 lows puts another major high in the year 2042 and prices at 110k or 155k. However, I suspect interest rates will spike being the catalyst for a 2018 top possibly being the top of all tops similar to the low of all lows in 1896. Time will tell.


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