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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Fitful fidgeting

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All Ords drifted down off the high to finish +0.2%.  Gold +0.7% headed the list followed by Miners +0.6%.  REITS, Consumer Staples and IT, all -0.4%, were down the most.

Over in Asia, China -0.1%, Hong Kong +0.6%, Japan +0.2%, India currently +0.5%.



On to UK/Europe:









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Who says there are no free lunches in financial markets


There are plenty of them!!!!!  - Most provided by Governments


Take Freddie and Fannie paper


Pays almost 1% over treasuries


And all guaranteed (OK implied guarantee ) by the US government,


All so the us homeowner can get cheap 30 year funding.


Why own treasuries when you can own agency paper which is the same thing and pays a higher rate!!!!

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Happy Boxing Day! Which fighter is favored?  


Today I begin my trek home to Philadelphia. Extremely emotional day for me. 


I'll be doing the Mummers' Strut next Monday! 




The video below is the unauthorized, unofficial march back to S. Philly down Two Street after the official parade has ended. This is where the real party is! 



The world doesn't know what it's missing! 

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Get ready because NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION IS BACK!!!!. This is going to be next weeks headline and let's face it, what the recovery from 09 has lacked is home construction. The eternal second engine of the US economy, along with autos.


It's been a one legged recovery. End of story.


Now an actual boom is probably not likely but to the extent new construction can climb back to and stay at levels of say, the 1970's then, well you know the story. Credit growth, lot's of stuff getting bought, and CONFIDENCE. What's not to like. 

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