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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Baffled benefaction

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Pretty much the same as the morning post for the Aussie market with All Ords finishing +0.2%.  Sectors ranged from IT/Healthcare +0.7% down to Utilities -0.5%.

Over in Asia, China -0.5%, Hong Kong +0.6%, Japan +0.2%, India currently +1.1%.



On to UK/Europe:









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They are trying to prove you wrong Lee.


$119bn net new cash and counting this month.




(actually I am having a problem with that list because  the numbers seem to come out of nowhere sometimes. I swear the 11/15 number was not there earlier this week and I never did figure out what that coupon offering was, and what $50bn on the 1st. I don't remember that. The memory is going but..)

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Those are settlement dates, not auction dates. The mid month settlement is for the coupons auctioned the week before. Nothing comes out of nowhere, except for an occasional CMB. Otherwise, it's all on the schedule. 


The market is up zero for the month of November. Delayed reactions to tightening liquidity are nothing unusual. 


I'm not sure what you mean by the market will prove me wrong. My trading list has positions on both sides of the market. My position on investment portfolios has been to sell a small portion of your assets into rallies over the 6 months from October to March, January if possible, to raise at least 60% cash. We won't know until after that whether that's wrong or not.  


Liquidity is a means of establishing context for reading the charts. Treasury supply is an important aspect of it, but it's not the only aspect. Foreign capital flows are extremely important as well.  They have been  a driver of the rally, as has short covering, and leveraging up. It will end badly. 


The weekend Sure Money newsletter addresses some of these issues. I'm confident in this forecast. We'll see. 



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Have had a power outage here due to a violent storm which left a lot of power lines on the ground.  70 hrs later the grid is back up and running but I've gone off candlelit dinners for a bit... :)


Just gotta catch up with a few things but should be back as usual tomorrow...

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