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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Anaemic ascents

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All Ords closed with a minor gain of +0.1%.  Utilities was the main gainer, +1.7% followed by Consumer Discretionary +0.6%.  Gold was down the most, -0.7%.

Over in Asia, China +0.3%, Hong Kong +1.2%, Japan flat, India closed.



On to UK/Europe:










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I am trying to figure out how the markets are going to hold up in the short term against this onslaught of supply.




Especially taking into account that Trump is going to make his Fed chair choice within days. I just spent the better part of an hour looking Google search results about the upcoming appointment and of course the dominant narratives about the Fed "raising rates" via the Fed Funds target is universal. In other words everyone, on the record, is living in fantasy land. Which is all well and good for them, as long as asset prices are bubbling and Treasury rates are sort of flat.


I am thinking the correction is going to be met with occasional nudges that kneecap short sellers so as to keep the downdraft mild.  Then when Trump appoints a 'hawk' that hawk will be Bernanke II with the addition of direct market intervention becoming copious and endless.  That's Warsh I believe. I am always wrong.

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The last 3-4 posts should be interesting to everyone here. All 3 of us. :lol:


Also https://moneymorning.com/2017/10/14/why-it-doesnt-matter-who-the-next-fed-chair-is/

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Is 2578 still the target?


That's weird. I was just about to post that the 5 day cycle projection is 2578. Are you reading my mind? :lol:

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1. Did they increase the debt limit?

2. Will there be a huge money supply this quarter?


Or more simply - it the TBAC estimation and recommendation still valid?


If yes then we should at least sell stocks and start building shorts.

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Well they built some cushion for next week. Let me guess that there are going to be a lot more overnight ramps up for awhile just like the good old days.

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