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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Elastic elation

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All Ords faded away to finish flat.  Seems like we just can't get any traction...  Healthcare/Gold were the leading gainers, +0.6% with Telecomms -0.8% down the most.

Over in Asia, China -0.3%, Hong Kong -1.3%, Japan +0.5%, India currently -1.3%.



On to UK/Europe:










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It has been in the 90's for five days here on the Lake Michigan shore and much of the region. It's like the summer has gone into suspended animation. Sort of like the stock market.

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>: From Charles Schwab and for those with accounts:


We recently made an important enhancement to our existing online bond trading platform that now lets you search, see live quotes and trade most high yield corporate bonds on Schwab.com without needing to call a Fixed Income Specialist.

Sub-investment grade/high yield bonds ARE NOT APPROPRIATE FOR ALL INVESTORS. Schwab recommends investors review our Guide to Sub-Investment Grade/High Yield Bonds located on Schwab.com or speak to a Fixed Income Specialist for more information on the increased risks and complexities associated with high yield investing.

We’re committed to providing everything you need to help you be a successful investor. Please review these changes today.


Happy Campers all around, right.........


>: Then again, there is no bond market........

and/or anything with a yield worth the risk.....


>:: Corporate Bonds Only.....bwaaa ha ha

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Well it's damn chilly here...went for a walk at sunrise amid blue skies and no wind and now it's overcast with a sneaky cold breeze. 


Doc, did your place in Miami hold up through the hurricane?

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