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A decisive drop today on the Aussie market: All Ords closed -0.9% with sectors pretty much the same as the morning post.  Energy remained the only up sector, +0.5% with Gold -3.5% and Utilities -2%.

Over in Asia, China -0.2%, Hong Kong flat, Japan +0.2%, India currently -0.3%.



On to UK/Europe:










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Continuing from yesterday, because I believe more QE will come,and come again and yet again, because the entire political economy and its elites are totally  dependent upon the inflation of assets prices.


"Cohen I don't think so.  He crossed Trump re Charlottesville. "

That's the beauty of Cohen. He will be accepted by 'liberals' now because he stood up to Trump, almost. I mean who almost sends a resignation letter, but doesn't, and then publicizes it?  There is no conclusion to reach other than it was a PR exercise. 


Let me add a global strategic/political reason why there will be QE again. China is on track for $4TN in credit expansion this year and it's power and influence grow by the day.  China is in the process of essentially kicking the US military out of  East Asia  and in combination with Russia has it checkmated. Under a circumstance where the US markets have another severe liquidity crisis but China having none or a lesser one as it's credit expansion continues then China would win this 'capitalism' thing. Do you think we would let that happen?

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Agree there will be more QE. But I listened carefully to Yellin yesterday. I read between the lines that it won't come until, as she said, there are material adverse conditions. I read that as a bear market. Now they don't know what a bear market is, so they'll go with the shit that CNBC made up about a 20% decline. But that will only trigger rate cuts. Yellin, god bless her soul, is determined to massively cut the size of the balance sheet over 3 years. So first they'll do the rate cuts, and only after they get back to 0.5% or so will they do QE. By then the market will probably be down by 30-35%. 

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