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All Ords did a round trip, closing flat.  Telecomms +2.5% was the main gainer followed by Utilities +1.1%.  Gold/Consumer Staples were down the most, -0.8%.

Over in Asia, China -0.6%, Hong Kong -0.3%, Japan +0.2%, India currently flat.



On to UK/Europe:










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Do I get correctly that if they agree  to 3month debt ceiling agreement, there wont be any large UST supply in Q4?


DId this happen in the past that TBAC decision was overwritten by politics?

Trump Sides With Democrats on Interim Debt-Limit Fix, Harvey Aid



House Crazies Angry At Trump’s Debt Ceiling Deal, Threaten Paul Ryan



Regarding 3mths debt ceiling extension I cant find any number. only couple bln state aid for Harvey.

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I don't have my mind around the full implications of the debt ceiling deal. I've been too distracted following the model plots on Irma, which could destroy most of S. FL if it hits with 160 mph winds.  The current center of the NHC forecast track goes right over my house in W. Palm.  


An early debt ceiling deal will only modestly reduce the amount of cash the Treasury needs to raise.  But it accelerates it from beginning of October to now. At this point, Treasury hasn't added anything unusual to the schedule yet. Has to wait for the deal to be signed sealed and delivered, I'm yours. 

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