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All Ords came off the lows to close +0.3%.  Sectors ranged from IT +1.2%, Financials/Consumer Discretionary +0.7% down to REITS -1.1% and Miners -0.5%.

Over in Asia, China -1.4%, Hong Kong and Japan +0.4%, India currently +0.9%.



On to UK/Europe:









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So the stock market shot up after a school boy who married a teacher old enough to be his mother, leads after the first round of the french election.


I have known a couple of  guys that married older women, the guys were enthusiastic in every venture and usually succeeded in their endeavors but never achieved anything that lasted. 


President Mitterand kept a whole second family for 20 years at french taxpayers expense, the french establishment hounded Fillon for giving his wife a job she could not cope with.  It is probably the French racist attitude, Fillon's wife is British so technically he was sleeping with the enemy.


The French laws are inherently racist against English. French print newspapers get fined if they use the slang words such as "Le Weekend" instead of correct French, General Electric Medical Systems was fined € 500,000 for supplying equipment with English software.



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It's all a stage and the CBs are the directors.  Have to keep convincing the sheeple that voting means something.



I had a similar American friend in 1990's in Brasil, he said the Brazilian central bank controlled the dollar exchange rate and they were committed to $1=R$1..

Before the introduction of the R$1=$1 an average apartment of 199m2 about 2200 square feet was $25,000 the price surged to $70,000 after the governments commitment to $1=R$1, american express moved all their customer service from Sao Paulo Brazil to Miami because it was cheaper to employ people there.

I waited until the banks were forced to close for 2 weeks and bought the $70,000 apartment I wanted for $30,000. The banks closed and the exchange rate was $1 = R$1 after they reopened the exchange rate was $1=R$2.50 about 6 months later it was $1=R$4.00

Central bankers can lie everyday but the market will sort them out in the end.

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