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Early openers drifting aimlessly: Kiwis +0.5%, Aussies -0.2%, Japan -0.4% and Sth Korea -0.1%.

Consumer Discretionary +0.8% is taking a turn as Aussie leader with Miners down the most, -2.4%.






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All Ords closed -0.3% with Gold and Consumer Discretionary, both +0.6% in the lead and Miners -2.5% and Utilities -2% at the other end.

Over in Asia, China -0.3%, Hong Kong -0.4%, Japan flat, India currently +0.5%.



On to UK/Europe:









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That's amazing.

Bubble or not..someone made a fortune.

a chart like that doesn't say bubble to me


are bonds in a bubble


are stocks in a bubble


are home prices in a bubble


these all appear to be legitimate questions to me


but bitcoin, just because it isn't officially sanctioned or controlled


who knows


looks to me like it will double shortly

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We spent the day on the Tren de Soller and the Tram to Port de Soller. Gorgeous. Fun way to spend a day. Americans do not seem to know about Mallorca. Nothing but Germans here. No doubt it's hard to get here, but well worth it if you have a week, or better, two.  


Easiest way to get here is book separate flights, NYC to London, then London to Palma. Winter highs tend to be low to mid 60s. Today we got up to 70.  Summer is very hot, very crowded, and much more expensive, obviously. 

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