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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Barbiturate banquet

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An each-way bet for the early openers: Kiwis -0.8%, Aussies +0.1%, Japan -0.2% and Sth Korea +0.1%.

Consumer Staples +2.1% is leading Aussie sectors with Gold -1.1% last on the list.






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All Ords got a grip and finished the day on a high, +0.3%.  Sectors ranged from Consumer Staples +2.5%, Healthcare +1.4% down to Financials and Gold, both -0.5%.

Over in Asia, China +0.2%, Hong Kong +1%, Japan flat, India currently +0.3%.



On to UK/Europe:









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Out and about in Palma de Mallorca today. I've been in Palm Beach, Monaco, Fort Lauderdale, Cannes and Nice, and have never seen more megayachts. There is some crazy money here. But ordinary middle class neighborhoods too. One of the most beautiful cities anywhere. Just a pleasure to walk around and explore. 

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New 45M internet working great ($30 cheaper vs my 3M line)


2006 iMac not working at all

(display was going out, hard drive and/or mother board no longer functional)


Used HP Elite 8300 AIO (i7 w/23" HD screen working great) ($215 total from Flea-Bay)

Win 7 loaded,

Ubuntu loaded,

OS X loaded, but not fully functional (main display does not work, second display works fine)


Fraudexes, same ol' same ol'

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How dare you call the greatest, freeest, fairest market in the world a fraudex. Shame on you.  A Murca. Luv it or leave it! Morans. 




Jim, Ella Lou, and Little Jim Ella

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