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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Ongoing oblivion

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Early openers chewing things over: Kiwis flat, Aussies +0.1%, Japan -0.3% and Sth Korea +0.4%.

In Aussie sectors, Gold +1.3% continuing its run with IT at the bottom of the list, -0.6%.






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All Ords travelled sideways finishing +1.1%.  Sectors ranged from Gold +1.1%, Telecoms/REITS +0.7% down to Materials -0.6%.

Over in Asia, China -0.4%, Hong Kong flat, Japan -0.3% and India is currently flat.



On to UK/Europe:









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Good Morning! We are now about 500 miles east of the easternmost tip of Newfoundland. Finally, it's a beautiful day with a clear blue sky. Haven't seen that at all before in our 2 trips crossing the North Atlantic. 


Due to the haphazard nature of the satellite connection I will  be posting the WSE Pro Trader Treasury Report in bite size pieces over the course of the weekend. 



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Low in the morning, then buy at will regardless of "listed" price...........


>: What is Flo-Bot Friday for 20K, Pat.......


>:: and Never doubt the Power.......





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remember 2000? everyone was in the hall bragging about their 401k?

tech kept rising and rising.

meanwhile Greenspan was raising rates, blabbering shit that no one understood..

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This is amazing.


This is the 3rd longest bull market in history!


I remember start of it, TJ calls and many good traders here like I am Madness, Fxfoxx, jimi, Pretzel or famous K Wave.


The bears must be battered and tired. 92 months!




March 2017 would mark 2nd longest bull and july 2017 as longest bull in american capital market history. Amazing. We truly lives in historic times!




In Q1 2017 we should get some correction in equities (down), bonds (prices up, yield down), dollar (down). 

Inauguration day (20th jan 2017) should mark the moment:




All the best in 2017 Stoolies

Swordfish, SIP

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