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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Hearty heckling

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Early openers finding it difficult to stay afloat: Kiwis +0.3%, Aussies -0.1%, Japan -0.8% and Sth Korea -0.3%.

Gold +3% is once again leading Aussie sectors with REITS down the most, -1.4%.






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If you haven't used it yet, I would like to propose something in honor of the word of the day from yesterday which you highlighted with your closing. 


Lingering Lethargy. 


I always that it should be pronounced. Le THAR gee. Le THAR gee sounds more like what it is. 

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Yes, I agree re pronounciation of the word "lethargy". We'll probably be able to use Lingering Lethargy in the next few days.  I'm sure nothing will change in the short term.. :rolleyes:

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All Ords crept up quietly for the rest of the day, closing +0.2%.  Gold remained in front, +3.4% with REITS -1.3% and Utilities -0.8% the only down sectors.

Over in Asia, China -0.2%, Hong Kong +0.2%, Japan -1.3%, India currently +0.3%.



On to UK/Europe:









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I'll be out and about all day on this horrible, miserable day in NYC. My last ultrasound for my blood clot. Last 3 were clear. I should be good to go after this. Also another one for my regular 6 month follow up on my kidney surgery. That was clear last time also. Looking forward to starting trip to Southern Europe for the winter!


I will be here off and on for the next few days. Will be producing Wall Street Examiner Pro Trader Reports on a pretty much normal schedule while I'm traveling. 


Happy New Year! 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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