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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Growing gloom

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Early openers looking sludgy: Kiwis -0.3%, Aussies +0.2%, Japan -0.5%, Sth Korea -0.4%.

Gold +3% is leading Aussies sectors with IT and Energy, both -1%, last in line.





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All Ords conjured up a recovery with the index finishing +0.6%.  Sectors ranged from Gold +3.1%, Utilities +1.6% down to IT -1%.

Over in Asia, China -0.1%, Hong Kong +0.2%, Japan -0.1%, India closed.



On to UK/Europe:









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Wow. I was buried in work today. Didn't see the tape all day. What did I miss? 

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LATEST PRO TRADER REPORTS PRECIOUS METALS PRO Indecisive Trading Pattern Leaves Gold Still At Risk by Lee Adler •  October 31, 2016

Gold continues to rise weakly from support. Its cycle patterns are now a mishmash of low amplitude indecision. Here’s why there’s still risk.


MARKET UPDATE PROMARKET UPDATE PRO Market Tilting More To Short Side by Lee Adler •  October 30, 2016

The market is now significantly weaker than at a similar stage of the last 13 week cycle, which saw the post Brexit pop. On balance, the data suggests adding to the short side. Market Update Pro subscribers click here to download the complete market update, including the proprietary cycle screens report in pdf format. Not yet…

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LATEST NEWS AND OPINION MUST READ Jim Rickards: There is Only One Bank Left by Craig Wilson •  October 31, 2016

Going deep into the vaults for his latest analysis, economist and bestselling author Jim Rickards takes his knowledge underground. His conversation is held within an actual vault in Sydney, Australia Rickards where he is interviewed by Lelde Smith, journalist and director for The Capital Network.


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What the mainstream media has purposefully missed in their attacks on Comey is that he really had no choice…


MUST READ Is the FBI Sitting on a Massive October Surprise for Donald Trump? by Money Morning Staff Reports •  October 31, 2016

The FBI could be withholding an “October Surprise” that would harm GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign ahead of Election Day.


MUST READ The S&P 500 Hit My Year-End Target 11 Months Early, So Here’s My New Forecast by Michael E. Lewitt •  October 31, 2016

The markets are in gridlock, but Michael Lewitt says either one of these two events could dislodge the S&P 500.


MUST READ This Economic Flag Is Flying At Half Mast by Jesse Felder •  October 31, 2016

Robert Half is the largest staffing company in the country. It’s business and stock price are thus very good real time indicators of what’s going on in the broader jobs market and…


MUST READ The Mother Of All October Surprises—Why The House Of Cards Will Now Come Tumbling Down by David Stockman •  October 31, 2016

FBI Director Comey’s Friday afternoon letter to Congress about new email evidence was a lot more than a “bombshell”. It was the equivalent of an election-cycle DEFCON 1. That’s because Comey has to be a desperate man doing the very last thing imaginab…


MUST READ Halloween Nation- DOJ Stymies FBI Clinton Investigation by James Howard Kunstler •  October 31, 2016

What was with James Comey’s Friday letter to Congress? It looks to me like the FBI Director had to go nuclear against his parent agency, the Department of Justice, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, his boss, in particular.


MUST READ Here’s the Terrifying Endgame of Global Central Banking by Shah Gilani •  October 31, 2016

Socialist monetarism: (sōSHələst mänidərizəm) the takeover of the free world by an oligarchy of bankers


MUST READ Models of Economic Policymaking by James Kwak •  October 30, 2016

Throughout the twentieth century, there were two dominant models of economic policymaking.

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