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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Capricious curves

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A positive response from most the early openers: Kiwis +0.5%, Aussies +0.6%, Japan +0.8% and Sth Korea -0.5%.

Aussie sectors ranging from IT +1.5% down to Gold -1.6%.





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All Ords fluttered along sideways for the rest of the day, closing +0.6%.  IT remained leader, +1.5% followed by REITS +1.3%.

Over in Asia, China and Hong Kong, +0.1%, Japan +0.8%, India currently -0.2%.



On to UK/Europe:









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There's still a 5 day cycle projection of 2156 they didn't quite hit, but other than that nothing pointing outside the range of yesterday's high and this morning's low. 


I'm heading out to the Reading Terminal Market. 

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2 day cycle projection 2139. 

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3 day cycle projection conditionally 2136 if they don't bounce from 2139 or higher. 

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