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Pile D, forget that bullish stuff....I have some mixed signals, weekly sto about to roll over, down.


Daily trading channel up, as high as 1600, but price right right at bottom and it could fall the bottom, hope.


bontchev, like your approach best, just take it a step at a time.


I have daily pivot point @ 1422, the pivot point was the kiss yesterday, again today? If it does break though, R-1 ...1434


this just from pivot point calculator, cmaps probably more accurate.

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AssMast, seems like its unfolding as expected. ?If we hit a major bottom in March 2003 I'm going monster dong on it. ?We'll see, time and indicators will tell as we approach. ?Right now its short party til you drop!


Indeed, the 4 yr cycle low won't happen when the majority of jackasses are looking for it. ?It'll happen when they give up looking for it after they've been sorely disappointed and spanked. ? Now til March will provide that missing ingredient.

Pile, it's ok if you go dong but don't talk about it. it scares everybody :grin:

I know, but kidding aside I don't want to make the same mistake I made back on Oct 9th. Missed a great money making opp and suffered too long on the short side fighting it periodically on the way up. Thinking ahead and preparing emotionally now for that day. Besides, when that time comes Stoolville doesn't need to come to a screaching halt like it almost did last week. That was depressing :cry:


Go with the flow, not trying to win friends here, trying to win buck$.

I know I did the same I'm a bear at heart but I'll take a long in a heartbeat if it will make me money

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Pile, that horn growth is persistent... I hear you crying for bull market next spring... being a bull has been easy, you just buy the October bottom and then WHOOSH... this next phase of the bear market will confound the bulls, when a series of false bottoms occur in a short period, with wild spikes back and forth... ending in a new deep and uncharted bottom that flattens out for years and years... JMO

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