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Cmaps trumped news again.....and major historic events.....and currency devaluations!! (see pgs 147 and 152 of THE Hurst book).


Medical turd award for the day: Forest Labs failed to get an old-fashioned POS drug approved for Alzheimer's. This is a MAJOR problem with trading/investing in these companies......large effects of drug approval news events. Note the DMI, stochastic and MACD divergences. I missed it.

Down 10%.....fur now.





....and this is the only biotechie to ignore the Kodiak. Punishment: woodshed, in a few days-weeks. They do have calculable earnings (PE~>50; P/S~>20), a remarkable achievement. Go GILD! I took a pilot short position this am; forces me to watch it every day.



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From Night Stool


Here is a chart I've been playing with. Shows the relationship of the Q's to the QQV. I've got it inverted so that up is up and down is down. As you can see the line coordinates with the cash market. It shows the Feb.-March rally and subsequent decline. If you would have ridden this line you would have done very well indeed. Close examination shows it gives advance warning of direction changes. Whops! It looks like we just had one and there is plenty of room below. :D



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AssMast, seems like its unfolding as expected. If we hit a major bottom in March 2003 I'm going monster dong on it. We'll see, time and indicators will tell as we approach. Right now its short party til you drop!


Indeed, the 4 yr cycle low won't happen when the majority of jackasses are looking for it. It'll happen when they give up looking for it after they've been sorely disappointed and spanked. Now til March will provide that missing ingredient.

Pile, it's ok if you go dong but don't talk about it. it scares everybody :grin:

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Rock - yuz one mighty fine chart master - I have to be happy with Livecharts


hmmmmm also - keep em comin

Thank you, thank you very much (Elvis please).


I think Doc's shorter cycles, SG opinion, your 90 min chart and my 60 min chart all saying same thing....be careful shorts.


I still read 1412 and 1427 on the COMPX as tradable entries/exits for us day and swing traders. But they need to be broken for more than a couple minutes. However, everyone is on their own....your own due diligence. Am flat the daytrade account and watching. Up whopping dinner date money today.......bassomatic got me. Now calling it a day of relaxation.

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Not very certain about this, but I am getting the impression that we've already seen the highs of the day. The COMPX is having trouble (tripple top on the 1-minute charts) to penetrate 1420, which used to be support a couple of days ago and is now resistance.




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it's going to break sometime, the waves are rocking and rolling around 5 points as if it is OEX and locked in place. prices are not high enough for distribution, nor low enough for the players to accumulate unless they know it is going up. It makes no sense after all the down days and bad news today that it just sits in the upper range of today's spx range. Where is that graphic of the gremlin stomping when you need it?


I am long still on bby but it will bite me in the butt one day!! Sears is a short and keeps killing me. S and BBY at totally different EPSs are staying in a matched price range. I'm ready to flush dongs and short the hooey out of this pig!

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