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SG still in cash


1. Too many peeps posting here


2. Too many bears celebrating too early


3. Gaps yet to be filled on NDX upside


4. Patience wins, and you dont have to game the tape daily...


Good luck y'all... sitting on sidelines patiently

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Where is the cap ex spending coming from when everywhere theres is overcapicity and underutilization? THe fed can print to the cows come home, but it will only postpone the inevitable liquidation that has to occur to cleanse the excesses of the 90's bubble. /// Auntie brought up a good point in relation to ual, as is the case in so many other bankruptcys, as long as the weak are abloe to stay in biz ( thanks statist greenspew) the overcapacity will not go away. They are only postponing the day of reckoning, and in the process making things worse, not better.

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AssMast, seems like its unfolding as expected. If we hit a major bottom in March 2003 I'm going monster dong on it. We'll see, time and indicators will tell as we approach. Right now its short party til you drop!


Indeed, the 4 yr cycle low won't happen when the majority of jackasses are looking for it. It'll happen when they give up looking for it after they've been sorely disappointed and spanked. Now til March will provide that missing ingredient.

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Daily QQV, just more crap to watch, the thought being, us bears want a push over that top line.


no links with java to post, so need to use a crippled method.


daily chart, therefore watching a bit longer term trend.


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Tak - ever notice how PM moves in 4-5 week up/downs


this is week 1

Is there a fib # in there?


I can't believe MDG is sitting 2 cents over its close. Somebody is going to take the miner shorts to the grave. Friday is usually a strong close into the weekend

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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