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Super Bass-o-matic '76


Spokesman.....Dan Aykroyd

Bass-Drinker.....Laraine Newman



Spokesman: How many times has this happened to you? You have a bass, and you're trying to find an exciting new way to prepare it for the dinner table. You could scale the bass, remove the bass' tail, head and bones, and serve the fish as you would any other fish dinner. But why bother, now that you can use Rovco's amazing new kitchen tool, the Super Bass-o-Matic '76. Yes, fish-eaters, the days of troublesome scaling, cutting and gutting are over, because Super Bass-o-Matic '76 is the tool that lets you use the bass with no fish waste, and without scaling, cutting or gutting.


Here's how it works: Catch a bass, remove the hook, and drop the bass - that's the whole bass - into the Super Bass-o-Matic '76. [ drops the bass into the blender ] Now, adjust the control dial so that the bass is blended just the way you like it. [ turns blender on and grinds it to a pulp ] Yes, it's that simple!


Bass-Drinker: [ drinks a glassful of bass ] Wow, that's terrific bass!


Spokesman: We've got fish here, fast and easy and ready to pour, mmm-mmm! Super Bass-o-Matic '76 comes with ten interchangeable rotors, a nine-month guarantee, and a booklet: 1,001 Ways to Harness Bass. Super Bass-o-Matic '76 works great on sunfish, perch, sole, and other small aquatic creatures. [ blends one of each ]


Super Bass-o-Matic '76 - it's clean, simple, and after five or ten fish, it gets to be quite a rush! Super Bass-o-Matic '76 - you'll never have to scale, cut or gut again!


Includes Photos

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Last night on the Amsterdam Euronext bourse there was a very weird transaction after the close(one hour after the official close).

The index closed at about 340 and the option series available for the month Dec. range between 220 and 400.

Some entity sold 10.000puts400 + 10.000calls220=give me 180million euro.Then, to cover themselves they bought 10.000calls400 and 10.000 puts220=spend 200.000euro.


So,if the index stays within the range until expiration,then the entity pays back 180 million-cost of loan=200.000.


Maybe the entity bought gold or just used it as a dollar hedge-in any case someone somewhere must know something.Anyone have any ideas about such a transaction.

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