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my ewave guy says expect sideways chop before minor wavelette 5 down perhaps bottoming into a minor low on fib date 12/10. That will complete larger degree wave 1 down from Dec 2 high (also the official end of the Wonder Bread rally off Oct lows).


A short wave 2 rally off 12/10 low then major downdraft after that in wave 3 of 3.


For all intents and purposes though the Oct 9 - Dec 2 hell rally is over and we are in the midst of the huge, long awaited wave 3 of 3 fast moving downdraft which is slowly beginning to unfold before our eyes RIGHT NOW. SLow at first but very clear by January. Devastating by March 2003.


Trade it as you see fit but I'm holding what I have now and loading up more on the obligatory Santa rally.

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Stool, this W.A.S.P. wants to know what "mohel" means.


Sounds naughty...


Market looks quite defensive here.


Pile - someone else agrees w HRFF re sidewaze chop FUR a while? LOL


oh. Crapvision yapping in the UDDER room. Someone talking of O'Neil's scalp/head says states are in worst financial shape since the END of WWII. Gosh. HRFF thot "The BIG One" as his old man calls it from time to time, put the economy back into fairly good shape.


Everyone's slowly going bust...


Well, almost everyone.


Bill Gates excepted, of course.

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Gotta disagree with your UAL ASSessment. UAL, like U before,

won't hafta do dick WRT liquidation. They'll file for Chap 11,

finish screwing the common shareholders, and wait for the

reorg. Meanwhile it'll be business as usual and since they'll

effectively have no debt, they'll be very competitive against AMR

and now be able to more effectively cave to union demands.


Of course, JPM will apparently have a big pill to swallow, but

since they're too big to fail, the gubmint will make sure they

are always solvent, regardless of how many bad loans they



Good thing paper is cheap...

and screwing common vendors


I think Auntie's got it right

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Shampoo, Cyclist


I am largely hanging out. I covered on Wed morning on my QQQ 200% short position, at a fat profit.


I see gaps potentially to fill yet on NDX at 1100 ish... so Im waiting.


Meantime, I am accumulating long position in a small cap e-commerce company that is well known, for a likely January double.


Mainly in cash though, the Prudent Bear fund (LT hold) and this small cap, and still a lil treasuries.


Risk Management... I'll re-enter again to short the Q's either very soon, or maybe next week sometime... we shall see...

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Speaking of Manipulators, how about the tone of those hucksters on Crappola V?

What a week for them, Maria's orgasm on the Monday open... by Tuesday they were saying "minor pullback to be expected" ... Wednesday - We had a nice run off the October lows" - Thursday - Just a little correction, due to some weakness in retail sales...


What will be the spin today??? ROFLMAO...

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yesterday I mentioned my concern of the QQV moving up to a major resistance line. This morning when it touched at 46.75, I donged some QQQ. It makes a fairly easy trade. Just put the stop slightly above the resistance line. I hope fart is right and I get stopped out....... I am encouraged by the weekly charts and longer cycle cmaps... Playing short term just for protection.


If anyone is interested my trading channel on qqv is 46.75 trendline res. and 35 trendline support...... It changes every day.


ok let's blast through 46.75 and put the hurt on those dongs.


IQ charts are down, but stops are in. another reason for stops. Who knows, power could even go out.


*** net short***

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