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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - ECB 10/22/15

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LATEST PRO TRADER REPORTS PRECIOUS METALS PRO Gold Flashes Glints of Heightened Risk by Lee Adler •  October 22, 2015

Cycles up to 4 months appear to now be in gear in down phases that may take the shape of a constructive consolidation, but a new 9-12 month cycle projection suggests that that cycle has also reached its maximum for the time being. Other signs point to an increase in risk.


MARKET UPDATE PROMARKET UPDATE PRO DAILY Cycle Screens Break The Record by Lee Adler •  October 21, 2015

Cycle screening measures were weaker on Wednesday. The aggregate indicator declined but held above +400, which is still a positive level. It was the 11th straight decline, which is a record. Here are the implications including a change in swing trading tactics.


MARKET UPDATE PROMARKET UPDATE PRO DAILY The Back Kiss of Death by Lee Adler •  October 21, 2015

The market pulled back from multiple resistance lines, including the line extended from the March low at 2039.69. Failure here could be a classic “return to the scene of the crime” where the market rallies only to where it originally broke down from the top around 2039, otherwise known as the “back kiss of death.”

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LATEST NEWS AND OPINION MONEY MORNING What Pushed Valeant Pharmaceuticals (NYSE: VRX) Stock to Finally Collapse Yesterday by Michael E. Lewitt •  October 22, 2015

On October 4, I singled out Valeant Pharmaceuticals as a deeply troubled company, one that was emblematic of just about everything that’s corrupt and toxic in today’s markets.


CHARLES HUGH SMITH The Real Trouble Begins When Rising Inequality Splinters the Elites by Charles Hugh Smith •  October 21, 2015

If others in our class are still rising while we’re stagnating, we sense a great disturbance in the financial and political Force.Rising economic inequality tends to generate political instability for all the obvious reasons: the rich get richer, …


MONEY MORNING What’s The Trouble With Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) by Jack Delaney •  October 21, 2015

Morgan Stanley downgraded Twitter’s price target from $36 to $24.

The Twitter stock price projection does not look favorable for current investors.


ANTHONY SANDERS The Fed’s Convexity Trap: The Negative Consequences Of ZIRP And NIRP (Average Treasury Debt Maturity Rising) by Anthony B. Sanders •  October 21, 2015

One of the drawbacks of The Federal Reserve’s zero interest rate policies (ZIRP) and possibly negative interest rate policies (NIRP) is the problem created by ultra low interest rates. At ultra low interest rate levels, Treasury prices (as well as mortgage-backed security prices) can fall quite rapidly with increases in interest rates.


MONEY MORNING Thanks to Glencore, That “Ticking” Sound You Hear Is the World Stock Market by Shah Gilani •  October 21, 2015

It’s the biggest commodities-trading player on Earth. And it’s in big trouble. I’m speaking, of course, about Glencore Plc.

Here’s the truth about how close the company is to the edge of the cliff, how markets would be affected by a Glencore “credit event,” the signals that will tell you a crash is imminent…


FAST FACTSHOUSINGWALL STREET EXAMINER EXCLUSIVES Here Are Three Observations on Housing That Show There’s No Way Out by Lee Adler •  October 21, 2015

The Fed has created permanent housing crisis from which there is no escape. Total US housing starts peaked in 1972. This chart shows actual (not seasonally…


ANTHONY SANDERS Mortgage Applications Flat by Anthony B. Sanders •  October 21, 2015

The 11.8% increase is a seasonally adjusted contrivance

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