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World Stock Markets Trading Discussion - Canadians 10/19/15

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PRO TRADER SUBSCRIBER REPORTS MARKET UPDATE PROMARKET UPDATE PRO DAILY Stocks Meltup Channel Stays In Force by Lee Adler •  October 19, 2015

The market tried to sell off a couple of times on Monday, but the meltup channel held and the market started to move up from the lower channel line late in the day. Here are the likely price and time targets of this move.


LIQUIDITY TRADER PRO COMPLETE,MACRO LIQUIDITY PRO TRADER Liquidity and the Odd October Rally by Lee Adler •  October 19, 2015

The US stock market recently has begun to appear flush with cash again. Dip buyers have returned with a vengeance. The levers and pulleys between the actions of the world’s major central banks may be worn, but it looks like they’re still working. Or are they? In reality, the cash driving this rally will prove…

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LATEST NEWS AND OPINION ANTHONY SANDERS Treasury Secretary Lew Warns Of Terrible Debt Ceiling Accident (If Debt Limit Not Raised) by Anthony B. Sanders •  October 19, 2015


Treasury Secretary Jack Lew repeated his warning that a “catastrophic debt default” may become a reality if the US Congress fails to take action on the country’s debt ceiling. Accident? No,


ALAN TONELSON A Key Employment Report was a Bit Different Than it Looked by Alan Tonelson •  October 19, 2015

The JOLTS report was not what it seemed.


ANTHONY SANDERS Iron And Copper Continue To Decline As China Economy Slows (Low Oil Prices Hurting Saudi Arabia) by Anthony B. Sanders •  October 19, 2015

I thought the top news of the day was Lindsay Lohan announcing her candidacy for President of the USA, but the decline in iron and copper prices seemed more relevant. China is indeed slowing in terms of economic growth. And taking iron and copper prices down with it. Then there is oil.


JAMES HOWARD KUNSTLER Can’t Anyone Fix This? by James Howard Kunstler •  October 19, 2015

The legacy mainstream media has a collective brain like dog’s — it exists in an eternal present, so that whatever’s happening right now is all there is. Thus, Hillary’s performance in the first Democratic debate, being as bad but not …


LATEST BUSINESS HEADLINES The Real Message in Wal-Mart Stock’s $18 Billion Plunge (NYSE:WMT) by Keith Fitz-Gerald •  October 19, 2015

Wal-Mart stock lost $18 billion in value this Wednesday after management revealed the company may take up to a 12% earnings hit in 2017.

But the real story here has nothing to do with Wal-Mart itself.


CHARLES HUGH SMITH Four Ticking Global Time-Bombs Few Even Hear by Charles Hugh Smith •  October 18, 2015
A few charts help us grasp the magnitude of the four global time-bombs.
The geopolitical and financial risks facing the global economy are well-known.


DAVID STOCKMAN Wall Street’s Latest Bounce——Ostrich Economics At Work by David Stockman •  October 18, 2015

It is more evident than ever that the world economy is heading into a deflationary conflagration, but today’s generation of house trained bulls wouldn’t recognize a warning if it slapped them upside their horns. They refused once again last week to exit the casino because they got another signal from Hilsenramp that the Fed is on “hold” until at least next March. That…


ANTHONY SANDERS Global Stagnation And The US Dollar (Hurting US Exports) by Anthony B. Sanders •  October 18, 2015

The global economy is slowing, led by China. Europe isn’t doing very well nor is Japan. All of the global misery is leading to a strong dollar … and lower US exports.


MONEY MORNING Don’t Ignore This Flashing “Red Alert” by Michael E. Lewitt •  October 18, 2015

Stock market investors celebrated the continuing economic downturn by driving stock prices higher again last week.

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