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"Even Turkeys Fly In A Hurricane"

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This was a big money maker for me in the 2000 mega-bubble but now is just a TURKEY blowing in the hurricane of this giga-bubble!

Can make out the wave structure of this pop on log and it is a 5 wave but not a leading diagonal, no its definitely a Terminal with an extending 5th wave now. This turkey looks about ready to hit the ground again!



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I have named this the Turk-arna-oscillator and it has issued a sell signal once again.

Its  recent pop was just a pull back to resistance at the triangle top.  This seriously will be a great

short if the indices take a hit here soon which I see as a very probable event.


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XOMA  and I go back a long time. We had many hot romances during her pre-2000 rise to stardom.  But now she is an aged, ugly, and scornful old hag.  At the moment it seems she has not been entirely forgotten. But alas it looks like she will soon once again be thrown out like a used up whore. 


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