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Windy your last post refers to the exact scenario I posted over at clearstation after seeing a chart of the falling wedge on the VXN...great minds think alike...lol. The bulls and bears alike who have been gaming the BMRs off the VIX and VXN will attempt to make the same play only this time maybe the VIX and VXN start heading way north as Bernie Schaeeffer has been discussing. When they start to blow, recognition will have ugly consequences...TRADE SAFE.

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Slinger, I respectfully disagree with the trendlines you've drawn on the VXN. A correct trendline respects the larger number of datapoints, and the upper ones you drawn simply don't. On the SPX chart below I agree with your "caution", but on the VXN chart that looks like a clear breakout to me.

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Waterfall dead ahead - sportsfans!


Unsure of Storm Pilots' longer term VXN chart over at clearstation- shouldn't sept 11 spike be ironed out?


Where's Vesselin when you need him. He doesn't appear to have covered.


Looking to double short on VIA - per Schaeffer article


Worried about that $CPC 21day MA, but

BPIs still have aways to go. Watch and hope for confirmation

of VXN break.


As for this triple bottom stuff - take a look at

Japan from 1990 onwards just a long series

of triple bottoms.


"Because we went up so quickly off the initial stages of the October lows, [there's] nothing between the October lows and [current levels] that could conceivably serve as areas of significant buying interest," said Richard Dickson, senior strategist at Lowry's Reports. Therefore, a retest of the October lows is "pretty well baked in"



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FWIW, spotted this golden eagle auction on ebay. Don't collect them so I couldn't screen this for value, but noticed the recent interest here. (I spend a lot of time browsing at ebay.)


This is my first link effort, so if it fails, go to ebay/browse/bigticket items (upper right part of the screen)






ebay golden eagles auction

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