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A US mum was fined $2,500 after her three-year-old son urinated outside - in his own front yard.


A police officer saw Dillan Warden pull down his pants and issued the ticket, which will cost the family the equivalent of £1,560.


Ashley Warden, the little boy's mother, said he was being potty trained but answered the call of nature outside as he wasn't near a toilet.


Mrs Warden, of Piedmont, Oklahoma, said: "Dillan pulled down his pants to pee outside... and the cop pulled up and asked for my license and told me he was going to give me a ticket for public urination."


Grandmother Jennifer Warden added: "I said: 'Really? He is three years old', and he said: 'It doesn't matter. It is public urination.'


"I said: 'We are on our property', and he said: 'It's in public view'."


The family, which lives on two-and-a-half acres of land, have complained that the officer which issued the ticket parks at the end of their street daily.


They hope a judge will throw out the case when it comes before a court next month.



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Thanks guys for keeping the show running...


What happened was my 27 yo nephew committed suicide, the all too common story of depression, inability to cope and pharmaceutical dependence.


He disappeared a month ago after leaving an ominous, albeit ambiguous, message on his Facebook page. There were all sorts of red herrings which gave us hope like his bus pass (which is electronically chipped) was being used but it seems that someone had found it in the street and was taking advantage of free travel. There was also a girl of dubious character he had teamed up with but when the police ran her to ground she hadn't seen him for some time. The investigation moved to Major Crimes who obtained his mobile phone record and were able to pinpoint a search area, eventually finding his body in a secluded bush area near the river, not far from his home.


He was a wonderful guy, intelligent, great sense of humour, very kind and gentle. We'll all miss him.


There'll be a funeral when the Coroner releases the body so I'll have to take off again, possibly next week. In the meantime, biz as usual with the forum...

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