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Danger! Danger!

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i was skimming the board so i probably missed some information.


ibuttugly mentioned a sigma 4 and everyone seemed to know it was about a job, i just caught on, but i was skimming.


i thought maybe there was more standardized table of definitions.


buttugly, we are haveing major reductions at work and lots of longtimers are getting it and they are lost. i think i will never work for anyone else again, when i leave this job. just like everyone here has said.


what is your general geography and what are your basic skill sets??


maybe we should form a stoolie cooperative in some area and survive the times ahead.


be well and hang in.

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marketnetral - One further note: I recently had a few drinks with a friend who has an attorney friend involved with corporate bankruptcies here in Houston. Needless to say, he's doing quite well. Anyway, she informed me that her attorney friend indicated to her that EP is well on its way to bankruptcy heaven.


Thanks for your comments, and I don't mean to imply anything negative about you below.


Yes those bankruptcy lawyers are doing well. It's proved very difficult and very costly to sort out the mess left behind after derivitive blowups. This is the reason why some are pessimistic about the ability of the FEED to deal with future credit problems - and why Greensapn was talking about this issue yesterday.

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I'll tell ya one thing, for Doc's sake: ?'twere I a die-hard Republican, I would probably look Capitalstool over one time and never come back. ?Something to think about, posters: ?Doc's trying to run a business. ?Republican money spends just as well as Democrat money.

I'll be abstoolutely fair.


A plague on both their houses.




Hey, I ain't no Democrat -- I just assumed virtually everyone else around here was. That's the impression I get from the site in general, and this forum in particular. I've heard stuff on these boards that makes me shake my head in wonder at how anyone could possibly believe their own BS... yet these foolishly radical statements go unchallenged by the moderators. The statements challenging the radical statements are usually the ones to get flagged, as someone chimes in with, "Hey, take it to political stool."


So, what I'm reading is:


1) Ridiculous statements about politics are okay on any board, as long as they're directed against Republicans and the current administration in particular.


2) Agreeing with those statements is okay. Adding more ridiculous statements is encouraged.


3) Rebuttals by Republicans, Libertarians, moderates, or independents are not allowed in any forum besides Political Stool.


As I said, I agree: keep it all in Political Stool. But maybe some consistency is in order.


Or whatever. I guess I don't get it.



Thanks for the insight. I haven't been around here long enough to know the board's history. I don't care about the politics here at all. Come here solely for Doc's Anals, Mark's letter and the other market info. I regret not being able to contribute, but I don't feel savvy enough to do it.


If along the way someone calls the President a facist, or the Attorney General a Nazi, I'm going to respond. If it gets me thrown out of here, so be it. But that is way over the top.

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test post from an internet cafe in amsterdam. just spent an hour on a detailed construct that got vaporized in a server mishap. watch, now this one'll work fine.


edit : *sigh*.


well, i'll at least mention i had a dream that the SPX was at 420.


butt - crisis=opportunity, as everyone seems to have mentioned already. wishing you the best.

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BEARDRECH - Thanks for your reply. Not being a 'shill' here,

but included the link to illustrate the point as sis has

been a leading opponent of 'distance learning'.


True, teachers should be alarmed by DL. Tape a course one time

And fire the teacher. I agree that we all can learn a great deal

from sites like Capitol Stool, but there is no degree and you

can?t put any credentials on a resume.


One point she makes is that distance learners get in an

educational rut - they pick a course and either complete it

or drop out; whereas on a campus a large number of students

start in one curriculum, find it doesn't suit them, and after

counseling with teachers face to face who know them change

courses mid stream to subjects they are more suited to.


DL is here to stay, and only time will tell if it becomes

more or less extensive than it already is.

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