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Handicapped heroics

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Early openers not convinced: Kiwis +0.1%, Aussies -0.1%, Nikkers -0.2% and Sth Korea +0.1%.


Aussie sectors stuck in low volume neutral: Miners and REITS -0.7% through to Consumer Staples +0.4%.







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All Ords chart showing how we're trapped under formidable resistance. It's unlikely we drift up through; a decent pullback and a full-on charge may do it and that won't happen until resource stocks are back on the buy list...




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Yet another day of choppy inaction: All Ords closed -0.1% with REITS -1.2% the only sector with 1%+ movement. Financials and Consumer Staples, both +0.6%, gained the most.


Asia drifting: China +0.1%, Honkers -0.3%, India +0.4% and Nikkers +0.1%.



On to UK/Europe:












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When did you get funny?


Probably your two best posts to date.



1: A high for schlocks?2: A low for Precious and Silber?3: A low for Bongs?4: Something in currency land that surprises, shocks, astounds and befuddles the majority of foreskin traders? What would the favoured currency movement fade at the moment be? Polish Zloty? :o :lol: Euro bonerific?



Looking at a Euro/Dollah chart over 2-years it would appear that the big-ass indicator, the green one [a cheap attempt at subliminal influence :lol: ], has completed a rather sexy double bottom. It might be time to strap on a big Euro dong and ravage the asses of the masses that seem convinced the Euro is doomed based on flubdamentals or something equally silly.Der Euro: Only one of Bradley's possibres...I also very much liked the chart Doc has of Gold hitting shport and bouncing. That one is worth paying for the full size chart picture and cyclic analysis. Buck up and take a look. :D

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I see your Bradley turn and raise you a Goldman contrarian signal :lol:




" “Kostin said there were three main reasons for his call:


The U.S. economy is stagnating, growing below trend.

In a weak economic growth environment, markets historically have a flat multiple

2012 is expected to see earnings growth of only 3 percent.”





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You definitely want that over the "Stir-fry cattle River with result."

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